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WATCH: Luke Combs Teaches Ed Sheeran How To Shotgun A Beer

We have a new country music bromance on our hands!

John Shearer / Getty Images and Instagram

Hot off the heels of their jaw dropping ACM performance Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran seal their friendship by shotgunning a beer!

In a video posted on social media Monday, the new friends appear of a beautiful patio with a sunset background. Combs who is known for his shotgunning skills instructs Sheeran on tips and tricks for shotgunning the Miller Lite they both have in their hands.

The banter between the two is priceless!

"By the way, for context, Luke is… What is it? Shooting?" Sheeran asked the country singer as the video started.

"Shotgunning," Combs, 33, supplied.

"Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer," Sheeran corrected himself. Combs then gave him instructions on how best to handle the beer.

"You want to be mindful of where your top is," the "Love You Anyway" singer said. "Once you're up, then you crack the top and it's just — it's gonna go, dude."

The two impressively finish the beer way faster than anyone at All Country News can!

After last Thursday's ACM performance, Garth Brooks caught up with Ed. “I heard Luke’s music through a friend then I posted something online and we got in touch. We just been friends for like 5 years now, it’s been great,” Sheeran told Garth.

Fans first got a taste of the duo back in Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs previously joined forces at the O2 Arena to perform a duet of Dive back at the C2C festival in 2022! Since then Combs has covered the song as apart of Spotify Originals and it has quickly become a fan favorite!

For some reason, Sheeran and Comb's songwriting and vocals truly seem to transcend genres and are one of the best collabs in the game right now! Fans can relive the moment because the track is now out on all streaming platforms!

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