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WATCH: Midnight Sky Channels the Beach Boys In Brand New Lyric Video “442”

Midnight Sky, the chart-topping project of songwriter and musician Tim Tye, has just released a new lyric video for "442", a brand new composition, not released on their latest album Last Hope for the Modern World.

Photo Provided By Artist

The inspiration for "442" came to Tim while watching Beach Boys concert footage, and he wanted to pay homage to that nostalgic sound with a modern twist. The song takes listeners on a journey through the specs and accessories of a 442 car, with references to engines, paint colors, and even a fictitious technology called "Ultrascan".

The lyric video perfectly captures the essence of the song, with vintage close-ups of a yellow Oldsmobile 442, layered with his fun-filled lyrics and catchy melodies. The vibrant colors and imagery transport viewers back in time, evoking a sense of nostalgia and adventure.

With over 45 years of experience as a lawyer, Tim's passion for music has never dimmed. His talent for songwriting and skilled guitar playing have been showcased in three previous albums, and his latest release "Last Hope for the Modern World" has been met with critical acclaim.

Since re-dedicating himself to his musical career, Tim Tye has released three remarkable albums. He has also gained recognition in the music industry with two Top 10 UK iTunes country chart hits and another Top 20.


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