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WATCH: Riley Green Teases New Track, And We Need It Out NOW!

Could new music be on the horizon from the Alabama native?

Via Riley Green Instagram

Last week, country music charmer Riley Green to share a song that simply blew us away! The video, shared to his socials I Couldn’t Fit That On a Sign," showcases everything that makes country music the storytelling genre.

"Wrote this song a couple nights ago… You never know what someone else has been through in their life. Hope y’all like it. Don’t mind the rain on the tin roof in the background,"Riley captioned the video. The video isn't flashy, it features Green sitting on a barstool, just him and his guitar.

The earnest track tells the story of an Army vet who has seen and endured his fair share of pain. While we are unsure if the song is based on a true story, it proves that Riley can write.

“My daddy left for another woman, moved off to L.A.

My momma fought hard against that cancer,

She died when I was eight

I finished school my country shipped me off to war

When I came home my whole world didn’t love me anymore

It’s hard to see all that just driving by

So I just write down ‘Jesus Saves’

‘Cuz there ain’t now way I can fit that on a sign”

Normally, artists will only share a snippet online. However, Riley blessed us and shared the whole song. Even Morgan Wallen gave a seal of approval!

Via Riley Green's Instagram

While Riley's sophomore album dropped late last year, we need this song asap!


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