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WATCH: Sam Williams & Carter Faith Breathe New Life Into Tammy Wynette’s Iconic “‘Til I Can Make It On My Own."

Originally released in January 1976, “‘Til I Can Make It On My Own” was Tammy Wynette’s 15th #1 song at Country Radio, staying on the charts for 11 weeks.

Spencer Miller

Breathing new life into a timeless country classic can come with its own set of challenges, yet two of Music City's most exciting new talents, Sam Williams and Carter Faith, manage to do it with ease and creativity. Taking sonic inspiration from the timeless original, Sam and Carter's reimagined take offers up one of the most emotional and dynamic duets of the decade. 

The intoxicating combination of the riser's vocals add meaningful depth to the painfully relatable story of the end of a relationship, with the couple asking their departing lover to give them just a bit more time while she finds the strength to go it alone. Brining the ballad to new heights, the duo delves into the themes of love, loss, and personal growth in a matter of minutes. 

The cinematic accompanying video also pays homage to the fashion of mid 70s flair while adding modern touches. The duo's undeniable chemistry oozes out of each lyric, aiding in the emotion and creativity of brining a classic a couple of decades forward.

"I have always adored Carter Faith, from her music to her style and free spirited personality," Williams says of the collab. "As we became closer, it was clear we should make some music together. I think we are very much cut from similar cloth. We’re from small towns and had big dreams that led us to a city that’s hard to cut through. I believe we’re making our mark now. Tammy Wynette being the legend she is, it was an honor to reinvent her beautiful words."

“Recording ‘Til I Can Make It On My Own’ with Sam Williams was one of the most special moments of all time to me,” Carter shared, echoing her excitement.  “Tammy Wynette is a musical hero of mine and a major influence, and when my dear friend Sam—whose voice just hits me all the way to the heart every time I hear it—asked me to sing on a new version of this song, I was so honored and excited. I have always adored the honesty that Tammy wrote with and this song is such a beautiful example of that, heartbreaking and hopeful at the very same time. One of my favorite parts of the recording process was when we were all sitting around and getting ready before starting the session, we talked about what the song meant to us and how we wanted to honor it. More than anything, I just hope we made Tammy proud.”

The collaboration truly embodies that strong storytelling can last the test of time and touch generations of country music fans. Plus the thought, care and respect each artist took to bring the song into 2024 does not go unnoticed. Highlighted the powerful harmonies and a timeless story, it is safe to say that Sam and Carter are leading the charge as some of Music City's most dynamic risers.


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