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WATCH: Tim McGraw Makes A Father's Dying Wish A Reality.

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Tim McGraw has always been about family. A father of three daughters himself, it comes as no surprise that Tim wanted to make this happen.

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Michael Hugo a 37 year old father from Wellington Florida was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in April 2022.

“I know the statistics,” he said. “The statistics for glioblastoma are a median survival of 14 months; half the people are dead by 14 months. The five-year survival is four or five percent.”

But the father of two little girls had one wish, and he was hoping that Tim McGraw could pitch in, because of an unfortunate coincidence they share.

“His dad passed away from glioblastoma, and he wrote that song, 'Live Like You Were Dying.' It hits me hard," Hugo told his local news station.

When the story originally aired nearly a month ago, Michael hoped Tim McGraw would sees a video posted to social media where he appeals to the singer to film a duet with him of McGraw’s song, "My Little Girl." Micheal is hoping to find a way to still be with his daughters on their wedding day as he knows that his "chances are slim."

"I am hoping that we could do a duet of My Little Girl, and an iPhone video we could play on their day," Hugo said.

The now viral video finally got the attention of the country icon, and well you may want to grab the tissues.


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