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WATCH: Tyler Hubbard Shares A Powerful Connection With NYC Firefighter In Heartwarming Video

February 8th 2023

Since Florida Georgia Line split last year, the duo's breakout star Tyler Hubbard has been using his music to tell more personal stories. Free from the confines of his band and its image, Tyler packed his debut solo album with vivid and vulnerable songwriting, essentially reintroducing himself to the country music scene.

Via Tyler's Facebook

The self-titled record contains impressive variety throughout its 18 tracks, with one especially driving us to tears. That song is "Miss My Daddy." It details the memories and attributes Tyler associates with his late father. Even more heartbreaking are the descriptions of events in Tyler's life, such as his graduation and wedding, that his dad wouldn't get to support him for.

Tyler's father, Roy Hubbard, suddenly passed away in a helicopter crash fifteen years ago. He was just 43. The devastating loss shaped the course of Tyler's life in the years after, but writing and singing about it has helped him process his emotions. "The power of music is incredible. A lot of times it can be really healing and therapeutic, and also, just the emotions that music can bring up. It's pretty special. It's a gift and I take it as a responsibility to lean into that gift a little bit," Tyler has reflected.

While in New York City promoting his debut solo album, Tyler and his family made some fun memories thanks to the New York Fire Department. Tyler and his 3 kids - Olivia, Atlas, and Luca - had the best time exploring the station and pushing all the buttons.

Little did Tyler know that this memory would in fact turn into a friendship!

Tyler connected with one firefighter James, who shared that he too lost his father at a young age. James' father was one of the brave men who helped during 9/11 in NYC. The connection resonated with Tyler, and James and his family joined the singer at his recent NYC show.

"This one’s for you James…and anyone else who’s lost a loved one and misses them often," Tyler wrote of the touching story on socials.

It seems to us that Tyler's newfound solo career has also come with a lot of needed self-reflection and fan connection.

Sure, country music does contain great narratives about a beer and a truck - but its central purpose is to tell raw stories and let artists share intimate parts of themselves. Music can multidimensionally represent a theme or an event that isn't the easiest to talk about. It also serves as comfort for fans during their own hard times. We're so glad that Tyler shared this part of his life with us.

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