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We Needed Charly Reynolds's New Song "Tonight In Texas" Yesterday

Up-and-coming country artist Charly Reynolds just dropped “Tonight In Texas,” our new favorite tune to belt in the shower, car, and really everywhere. A follow up to “Rodeo,” which was released in June, this new track displays Reynolds’ continued mastery of upbeat country tunes. Reynolds is finally beginning to release more regularly, after moving to Nashville almost four years ago to pursue music. Previously, she has opened for legends like Montgomery Gentry, Billy Dean, Jim Brown, and Andy Griggs.

Honestly, “Tonight In Texas” resembles an adult-aged and more bubbly version of Taylor Swift’s classic “Teardrops on My Guitar.” Both tracks contain similar instruments and tell stories of unrequited love, the former set in bars and the latter set in high school. Moreover, both songs represent the early stages of successful musicians’ careers. Some may argue it’s too early to make that statement for Reynolds, but All Country News is calling it.

Despite the song’s upbeat nature, Reynolds tells a sad story of struggling to move on from a breakup. It resonates with everyone who’s lost their significant other to distance, and watched them move on seamlessly. Reynolds wears her heart on her sleeve to her listeners, but she tries to hide her emotions from her friends - she doesn’t wish to let her heartbreak ruin their fun night out.

“I guess I’m helpless, yeah I’ve got us on repeat / And I can’t help it, living in those memories,” admits Reynolds. “If it weren’t for all the miles between us, the road taking its toll / Maybe we’d have stood a chance, but now we’ll never know.” Ouch. We’ve all been there, and with her new song, Reynolds has definitely got your back.

The 22-year old rising star’s new single is an anthem sure to ease the experience of any breakup. With lively instrumentals, relatable lyrics that vividly tell a story, and gorgeous vocals, “Tonight In Texas” can surely become one of Reynolds’ first hits.

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