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Will Banister Pays Tribute To A Lost Loved One In "When I Get There"

Country riser Will Banister premieres a touching music video to his sentimental single "When I Get There." If you thought the song moved you to tears, just wait until you see its accompanying visualizer.

The rising artist adds fresh elements to country music, with hints of folk music and 90s country factoring into his work. Despite not venturing too far from what's on the radio nowadays, Banister opts for a more classic sound, echoing the likes of George Strait and Alan Jackson. Anything acoustic seems to be his personal strength, as his songs usually have minimal production, and his live shows are often just him and his guitar.

"When I Get There" is the latest in a string of new singles for Banister, immediately following "Right Where We Belong." His music, autobiographical in many ways, communicates personal stories and raw emotion. Banister's music videos, including today's, are an extension of that. While simple, the footage is resonant and meaningful.

Dedicated to a lost loved one of the singer, "When I Get There" and its music video echo themes of grief and nostalgia. The lyrics directly communicate with a loved one who has passed away. While Banister sings of his longing to be with this person again, he also looks forward to when they can reunite in heaven. The traditional-leaning tune complements vivid imagery that brings the song to life.

"When I Get There" finds the silver lining in losing someone, and helps to put such an experience in perspective. We're so grateful that Banister shared this piece of his heart with us, and we can't wait to see what he does next!


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