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Zach Blair's "Single At The Same Time": A Heartfelt Journey Through 'What Ifs'

Emerging country star Zach Blair has hit the airwaves with his new single "Single At The Same Time," and it’s an upbeat pop-country gem that’s sure to resonate with listeners. Blair, with his smooth, soulful vocal performance, navigates the bittersweet terrain of missed connections and what might have been. Written by Blair himself, along with Rick Blair and Adam Shoenfeld, this track is a testament to the power of timing in love and life.

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From the very first strum, "Single At The Same Time" pulls you into a vivid story. The opening scene is painted at a Texaco station, where Blair's encounter with a captivating stranger sets the stage for a series of poignant reflections. With a Led Zeppelin shirt and "Going to California" playing on the radio, the imagery is instantly relatable and nostalgic. Blair's lyricism shines here, making you feel as if you’re right there with him, caught in that fleeting, magical moment.

The chorus of the song is a heartfelt lament that many will find familiar: the aching realization that timing was never on their side. Blair’s voice carries the weight of the unspoken, as he sings:

"We were never single at the same time

I’ve never drank whiskey with you by my side

Never had a long drag off a Marlboro red with you lying in my bed

Never saw you in the morning light, skin on skin loving all night

We both know, I would have been yours, and baby you’d be mine

If we were single at the same time"

The repeated chorus digs deeper into the emotions of what could have been, blending hope with a tinge of regret. Blair masterfully balances these feelings, giving the listener a sense of shared experience and empathy.

As the song progresses, Blair encounters the same girl again, only to find himself in another relationship. The lyrics capture the frustration and the silent longing perfectly:

"I was with somebody new last time I ran into you

I never said hello, but I damn sure wanted to

Ain’t it just my luck, I didn’t know that you’d just broke up

Yeah, it felt like I lost you and you weren’t even mine to lose"

The alternate chorus offers a glimpse into a hopeful future, where the stars might finally align:

"So, if we’re ever single at the same time

I’m gonna drink whiskey with you by my side

Gonna have a long drag off a Marlboro Red

With you lyin’ in my bed

Wake up with you in the morning light

Skin on skin lovin’ all night

Yeah, we both know, that I’ll be yours, and baby you’ll be mine

If we’re single at the same time"

Zach Blair is no stranger to the rhythms and stories of country music. A singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, Blair was raised in a deeply rooted musical family. His family moved to Nashville from West Virginia in 1996 so his father, Rick, could pursue a career in songwriting. Zach, who is one of four children, was the first in his family to be born and raised in Nashville. Despite his Tennessee upbringing, Zach remains a die-hard West Virginia Mountaineer fan. "It’s where my roots and heart are," Zach says about his passion for West Virginia sports and its people. "They are blue-collar, hard-working folks who are passionate about their state and its teams."

The pursuit of music comes naturally to Zach. "I remember growing up, there was a guitar in almost every room of the house. As a matter of fact, my great grandfather, who was a coal miner in West Virginia, could play pretty much any instrument with strings on it. From banjo, to guitar and fiddle, he could play them all."

Zach Blair's "Single At The Same Time" is a relatable journey through the delicate dance of fate and desire. With its catchy melody and lyrics, it’s bound to become a favorite for those who’ve ever wondered about the one that got away. This single is a strong showcase of Blair's talent and a promising hint at what’s to come in his burgeoning career. Be sure to give it a listen and let it remind you of those tender 'what ifs' in your own life.


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