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Zach Bryan & Maggie Rogers Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeves In “Dawns”

Updated: Jan 30

January 29th 2023

Earlier this month, breakout star Zach Bryan promised to release a fan-favorite track, if the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants. Well, that did happen - and now "Dawns" is out on all streaming platforms for us to put on repeat.

Zach Bryan performs at the Railbird Music Festival on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021, in Lexington, Ky. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

The expertly crafted track incorporates multiple time signatures - creating slow, melancholy verses against a pulsating, cathartic chorus. Featuring singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers, the track opens with mesemerizing, minimalistic guitar. Rogers contributes hushed, smooth harmonies that blend in perfectly. The haunting nature of the song's opening carries sadness and longing, accentuated by Bryan's bold, emotional delivery.

In the more fast-paced chorus, Bryan's charged rasp accentuates his plea for his "dawns back," wanting "one small victory." Additionally, poignant fiddles help to communicate feelings of desperation.

It takes multiple listens to keep unpacking the layers of subtext that Bryan has loaded "Dawns" with. The song tackles personal stories of loss - Bryan misses his mother and Rogers misses her best friend. The artists struggle to cope with the end of a long-lasting love, calling it "just another drug [he's] grown a victim to." The song's subject goes far beyond people that play important roles in one's life - it also serves as a metaphor for some draining aspects of the music industry.

Overall, Bryan's impactful presence has brought fresh perspectives to the music industry at large. The phenomenal depth of his songwriting contrasts his lighthearted personality, and allows fans of all stripes to easily connect to his work. I mean, Zach even took to Twitter to bash the fan-favorite - it is his relationship with his fans that is helping to define the genre.

Speaking of fans, he has demonstrated his commitment to put them first several times. Most recently, in the launch of his Burn, Burn, Burn tour, he committed to fair pricing and strict prohibition of scalping. Zach's Twitter soap box once again caught the attention of all his fans.

"Dawns" is perhaps some of Bryan's most moving and resonant work yet. Even if you're not a die-hard fan of him or country music, this song is a must-listen.

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