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Zach Bryan's New BarStool Fling Doesn't Give A Crap About What You Think Of Their New Romance

Looks like there is a new budding romance in the world of country music. In a recent episode of her PlanBri Uncut podcast, Barstool Sports host and Internet favorite Brianna Chickenfry confirmed that in fact her and Zach Bryan have "opened that gate" to a new romance.

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Fans have been speculating for a few weeks, and the two have been seemingly breadcrumming us along. "I think I might have some stuff to address. I've been hanging out with a guy named Zach," Chickenfry told her co-host Grace O'Malley. Clearly needing clarification Brianna finally gave it up that the Zach in question was in fact Mr. Something In The Orange.

In a series of BFFs Pod's teasers on TikTok, Brianna chats with Barstool founder David Portnoy and Josh Richards regarding the budding new romance. In the video, Brianna is seen looking off camera, "I'm in Oklahoma," she says with a grin.

Then in another teaser Zach popped half his face in! "Can you come in here for one second," Brianna says into her phone.

In early June the normally private Zach he confirmed to fans that he and his longtime girlfriend, Deb Piefer, had broken up. This is leading fans to question the timeline and possible overlap. Brianna had previously stated that the two had "briefly met for a picture," at this years ACM Awards in May, but stands by her story of they did not start talking till Zach DMed her after his Forest Hills show where she and other Barstool members joined him for Revival.

But then they are spotted in each others IG stories and well the world went crazy.

Neither are new to the public eye and criticisms, but yesterday August 1st Brianna finally broke her silence to her nearly 2 million TikTok followers.

Everyone wants to kill me like I said. It's honestly been really silly and fun to have the whole internet talking about me.

Imagine just having millions of people just speculating on everything you have ever done. In its simplest form what I am doing is no normal.

She goes on to explain that just because both her and Zach are in the public eye everything seems to be escalated. Even though as she puts it "people get out of relationships and they see other people."

Honestly we are all for this couple.

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