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Zach Bryan's Twitter Account Has Mysteriously Disappeared

Right when Zach Bryan's revolutionary new single "Dawns" is climbing on the charts, and his Eagles will soon play in the Super Bowl, the star's Twitter account deems to be deleted or deactivated. He never communicated with fans about a social media break beforehand - even expressing on the platform just last night about losing a Grammy award to Willie Nelson. Needless to say, we're all confused.

Upon seeing the absence of Zach's Twitter, some fans were genuinely terrified that the singer blocked them.

Others are theorizing a new music rollout similar to Taylor Swift's Reputation album cycle, in which the star wiped her social media before introducing her next era.

Zach has become known for his engagement with fans through social media, which makes today's news especially shocking. His account could have been banned or hacked, and if that's the case, we need Twitter to bring it back ASAP. Whatever the case is, we sincerely hope that Zach is doing okay.

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