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Zach Bryan Surprises Fans With New Live Album and Promise Of New Tour "Prices as cheap as Possible"

December 26 2022

Zach Bryan may be the country music Santa this year! The rising star gave fans quite the surprise when yesterday he took to socials announcing not only a new live album but hinted at a new tour.


The new superstar shared some harsh criticism for recent ticket prices and dropped a new live album, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster Live From Red Rocks.

Confused by the title? It comes as so shock that Zach has been vocal on twitter all year about his fans lack of supply to affordable tickets to his shows. The title echos the famous tweet from November.“I’m fully aware of the Ticketmaster and Live Nation relationship. All my decisions — moving forward — will reflect this and until there is a serious change in the system all my homies will continue to hate Ticketmaster. (Last thing I say on the matter.) Sorry for being annoying.”

Christmas Eve, the star once again took to twitter.

“Seems there is a massive issue with fair ticket prices to live shows lately,” shared the 26-year-old on Twitter. “I have met kids at my shows who have paid upwards of four-hundred bucks to be there and I’m done with it. I’ve decided to play a limited number of headline shows next year to which I’ve done all I can to make prices as cheap as possible and to prove to people tickets don’t have to cost $450 to see a good and honest show. To clarify, I am playing a few festivals which I have no control over.”

He added, “I believe working-class people should still be able to afford tickets to shows, so please sign up for the laylo link in my bio to be the first to know about tour dates, registration, and the on-sale of tickets. I’ll also be sending merch drops and unreleased music through this messaging service. I am so tired of people saying things can’t be done about this massive issue while huge monopolies sit there stealing money from working-class people. Also, to any songwriter trying to make “relatable music for the working class man or woman” should pride themselves on fighting for the people who listen to the words they’re singing. A tour announcement is coming soon and I’m sorry it has taken so long. Just did everything I possibly could to make tickets more affordable.”

It comes as no surprise that Ticketmaster has been under much scrutiny this year as ticket prices seem out of control. Bryan has always been transparent about his dislike of the ticket platform and seems to be a man of the people, a refreshing take that the genre has been needing for some time now. Rarely doing interviews, Zach loves to speak and interact with his fans on his prolific Twitter thread. Clearly that is one of the reasons he is so beloved and seemlying coming out of nowhere. His care for fans, and free independent spirit seems to resonate with fans.

His outward frustration with the ticket giant is shared around the industry and it will be interesting to see how he changes the game.

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