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Zach Bryan Tells Joe Rogan How His Success Shocks Him "I Thought I'd Be In The Navy Till I Died"

If you haven't been living under a country music rock this year then we are sure you have heard the some Zach Bryan.

Photo Credit: Lou Nice

Well the Okie is the latest guest on the highly popular Joe Rogan Experience and is opening up about everything from the Bud Lite scandal to how he never thought at 27 he would be one of the biggest names in music.

In 2017, while still active in the U.S. Navy, to cope with the chaos, Zach start posting raw and real off videos on Twitter, he told Rogan.

"I had a lot of shit going on, I didn’t believe in therapy because that’s ‘crazy’ in the Navy, you know. And I started just making music, and I started just posting it on Twitter and I’d get like five or six likes and I didn’t care, it was nice.

It was nice to go home and feel the way I did and write and put music on Twitter. I don’t know, it was kind of my validation in the world.”

I think it is safe to say ZB is one humble and intelligent dude! Zach went on to tell Joe that he really never thought about being a musician that we he wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps and serve in the Navy. "I thought I would be in the Navy till I died," Zach chuckled.

“I never in my life envisioned being a musician, ever. Period. No. And I was thinkin’ about it yesterday, how crazy my reality is now."

Like the invention of the Post-It Note, sometimes the best things in life happen as an accident. Zach goes on to chat about the struggles of his new found fame. From giving up whiskey for lite beer, to finding time to workout while on tour. He also touches on how social media has been both a massive blessing but also a chore for his blossoming career.

"Like coming back to Oklahoma and being around people, and people coming to get me in diners and being like ‘Take a picture with me.’ I’m like, ‘What is going on, man?’

There’s like 700 people hating me online and I’m like, bro, I didn’t mean to fuckin’ do this. I’m sorry. It’s crazy.”

He even goes on to tell Joe that after his Red Rocks rant he "threw his phone behind him" walking home from the bar due to the weight of criticism was heavy.

Even though we are still making our way through the over three hour episode, Zach's story is truly one to marvel at. From not wanting to disappoint his father and biggest fan for leaving the Navy, to making the connection that he and Elvis were both honorably discharged to purse music, the episode is a must listen!

Zach has been a busy bee on the festival circuit this summer with record setting sold out crowds! Zach is also dropping a new album this month. It was also recent reported that his 4x Platinum single “Something in the Orange” just officially became the longest charting country single of all-time for a male artist on Billboard’s Hot 100, after 65 consecutive weeks there.

I think it is safe to say Zach Bryan isn't going anywhere.


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