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Zach John King Brings His Southern Pop Sound To The Masses With The Universal "Just Missed You"

Fayetteville, Georgia native Zach John King is brining his "kinda country" sound to the masses with a painfully relatable debut single.

Growing up on a healthy dose of classic country thanks to his grandfather, newcomer Zach John King's debut offering showcases the tunesmith's range and ability to go far in the genre. A clever take on heartache and love lost, the riser grapples with the fact that once again a time and place for this love story was just out of arms reach.

From just missing her at the bar, to missing her phone call, King's emotion strikes a universal chord with anyone relishing with heartache. Penned by by Zach along with Lukas Scott, and McCall Chapin, the laid back melody and a subtle twang of the track speak to the push and pull of the emotional near encounter.

I must of just missed you by a couple minutes I was pullin’ up you were just leavin’ with your friends In that 4runner where we had our first kiss The same one you up and left this little town in When ya wake in the morning with a message from a back home 762 You don’t have to call me back when you get it I must’ve, I must’ve just missed you, must’ve just missed you

“There’s a spot in my hometown where you’re bound to run into people that you knew, who chose to stay local after high school." Zach told All Country News. "Every time I come home I wonder if I’ll run into the girl I thought I’d marry. So, I wrote “Just Missed You”about that happening. I pullin to the parking lot when she just left minutes ago. I wanted to capture how it feels to never have the timing line up when it comes to love”.

Feverishly dynamic, Zach's approach to storytelling is impressive. The Georgia native's innate ability to pull acute emotion from a storyline and share it with others is a seldom find in the genre today. It is only up from here from this promising young riser!


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