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Zach John King Shines with Debut EP "Wannabe Cowboy"

Updated: May 24

Zach John King, hailing from Fayetteville, GA, a small town outside of Atlanta, has been making waves in the music scene with his heartfelt lyrics and genre-bending sound. His debut EP, "Wannabe Cowboy" has captured the hearts of many, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Growing up, King's grandmother introduced him to country music on Saturday mornings, setting the stage for his love of the genre. His grandfather's work at General Motors and the small-town life in Fayetteville have also influenced his music, giving it a relatable and authentic feel.

The title track of Zach's EP, "Wannabe Cowboy," paints a picture of his love for the simple things in life. The lyrics, "I love a stretched out sky, I love a million stars" showcase his appreciation for nature's beauty. Despite not owning a horse, King relates to the cowboy lifestyle, driving an F-150 and enjoying late-night whiskey. The song celebrates the cowboy spirit, embracing the freedom and adventure it represents.

"Smoke On My Jacket" takes listeners on a journey through a memorable night. The song's rock-country vibe adds an edge to King's storytelling, creating a dynamic listening experience. The lyrics, "Every time I put it on, I wish we would've lasted longer than the smoke" capture the essence of short-lived moments and lost love.

In "The Way I See You" King reflects on past love and the way time changes perceptions. The lyrics, "The way I see you is with a sun-kissed smile, that first kiss fire," convey a longing for a lost connection. Despite the passage of time, Zach's love remains strong, evident in his heartfelt lyrics and emotional delivery.

"What Did We Have" is a powerful track that delves into the complexities of relationships. King questions whether they gave up too quickly and ponders what could have been. The song's introspective lyrics and soulful melody showcase King's ability to capture raw emotions and universal experiences.

Zach John King will be joining Connor Smith as direct tour support on the upcoming The Storyteller Tour, bringing his unique sound to audiences across the country. Additionally, fans can catch Zach performing during CMA Fest 2024 at the Spotlight Stage. His debut EP, "Wannabe Cowboy" is a testament to his storytelling prowess and musical talent, blending influences from country to indie rock into a sound that is uniquely his own. As he continues to evolve as an artist, one thing is certain: Zach John King is a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music.


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