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Zach McPhee's New Ep "Feels Country To Me" Proves He Is The Next Big Thing

Releasing an EP is already an impressive feat, yet doing it fully independently with no big record label behind you is spectacular.

Today, country riser Zach McPhee is defying the odds with his new EP Feels Country To Me. The seven song project's masterful lyricism weaves in and out of each track. Full of raw emotion, the British Columbia native narrates life's biggest from journeys of heartbreak to feelings of love.

“No one in my small town knew I could sing,” Zach says of his unlikely journey. “It wasn’t until I posted my first cover on Instagram when people reached out asking me where this had been all along. The reaction I got was unbelievable. I had friends telling me, ‘Zach, there’s something here.’ And that was the moment I started thinking more seriously about music.”

Honing in on his craft and sticking to the stylings he loves, the born hitmaker strikes gold with the the breakout track from the EP Remind Me Again. Zach's tender tenor narrates the juggernaut of emotions we as humans feel as we navigate heartache. The clever intrumentaion aids in recounting all the highs and lows we feel as love lost whips us around, ultimently ending in saying goodbye for one last time.

Relishing in life's ups and downs the tender You & I puts the young talents dynamic artistry on full display. The softhearted track driven by a simple strum of the guitar guides fans through a painfully relatable journey. From lyric to lyric, Zach offers a fly on the wall perspective of a budding young love. In a genre that craves relatable stories, You & I is authentic and raw yet so universal.

Determined to bring his story forward style of country to life, the title track shows off what a thoughtful tunesmith Zach is. While hinting at classic themes in the genre like tailgates, girls and 4x4s, the perfect placement of the lyrics within the tender melody offer a refreshing and softer take on what country is.

Feels Country To Me, represents what I believe sounds and feels like country music," Zach told All Country News. "Each song has elements of singer/songwriter styles that is blended with a country music feeling. I hope the listener can relate to the lyrics of each song. Whether it’s around a campfire, on a road trip, or relaxing at home, there’s a song on the Feels Country To Me EP for that moment.”

Perhaps the magic in this project is that Zach is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. Through story and sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2023. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves to, Feels Country To Me invites listeners to find what it is about country music that makes them feel special. Highlighted through powerful lyricism and brilliant melodies, the EP is one that you do not just simply walk away from. Allowing fans to get lost in your artistry is something this genre so desperately needs and damn does Zach McPhee deliver.


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