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"18" from Jordana Bryant Captures Emotions of Young Adulthood

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Country artist Jordana Bryant has recently released a new song titled "18," which she co-wrote with Jonathan Gamble and Matthew Morrisey. The track captures the emotions of doubt and uncertainty that come with young adulthood. It highlights the misconception that adulthood means having everything figured out, emphasizing that everyone is continuously learning and growing.

Bryant debuted the coming-of-age track live, opening for Girl Named Tom in Denver, CO. She expressed, “I think when we’re younger, we all think once we become an adult, we’ll have everything figured out,” said Jordana. “But the older I get, the more I realize that just isn’t true. No matter what age you are, you’re always going to have some questions because we’re all still growing and learning, and everyone’s on their own path.” With her relatable lyrics, she establishes her own pop-country flair to share her message.

The song has garnered early support from SiriusXM's The Highway. Jordana has had several successes this year, including her radio debut with the single "Can I Get It Back" on SiriusXM's The Highway and the release of her self-titled debut EP, which reached #10 on the iTunes country album charts.

Her ability to connect with a wide audience through relatable lyrics showcases her songwriting skills. Jordana is currently touring in the Western US as the opening act for the Season 21 winners of NBC's The Voice, Girl Named Tom, and she will continue touring with Alexandra Kay in November. You can check out the song HERE.


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