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ACM Awards Nominees Conner Smith and Hailey Whitters Team Up for a Musical Rollercoaster Ride with 'Roulette On the Heart'

Get ready to groove to the beat as ACM Awards New Male Artist of the Year nominee Conner Smith joins forces with reigning ACM Awards New Female Artist of the Year, Hailey Whitters, for their electrifying new single "Roulette On the Heart," out now. The hot new track off of Smith’s debut album impacts country radio April, 22nd!

Conner Smith + Hailey Whitters Credit - Cooper Smith

Crafted by Smith along with the talented team of Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill, and Mark Trussell, this toe-tapping tune is set to a backdrop of a weary Dobro and a contagious sway. The duo serenades listeners with lyrics that speak of a gamble that could lead to heartache but is still worth taking.

The track showcases Smith's artistic prowess, staying true to his signature style while delivering a breakout hit. With finesse, Conner leads us through a timeless narrative of love and loss, imbuing it with passion and intensity. This song, born during a writer's retreat, has the potential to skyrocket careers. Cleverly crafted, its gentle melody poses the age-old question: What happens when we take a chance on love? A master storyteller, Conner weaves each line with finesse, adding layers to the profoundly relatable storyline. And let's not forget the enchanting harmonies between these two superstars – it's pure perfection.

Reflecting on the creation of this tender ballad, Conner perviously shared with All Country News, ""I didn't know where we would take it that day in the room with Chase McGill and Jesse Alexander and Mark Trussell. Every line has its own little twist and own little hook inside of it that points towards the hook. It's such a relatable emotion. And so that song felt a step above right when we heard it. You'd be surprised how many versions we had to go through to finally find the right one for this song, because I really was going to fight for this one."

Directed by Smith's own brother and creative genius, Cooper Smith, the official music video for "Roulette On The Heart" promises to be a visual delight, taking you on a whirlwind journey you won't soon forget.

Whitters added, “I first heard ‘Roulette On The Heart’ while playing radio shows with Conner Smith, and was so honored when he asked me to sing on the song. I love how realistically the song captures the intoxicating and sometimes toxic feelings of being in a complicated relationship.” 

For now we will be waiting for this song to go number one! So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to spin the wheel with Conner Smith and Hailey Whitters as they take you on a wild ride with "Roulette On The Heart"!


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