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ACN Artist Spotlight: Cody Cozz Cultivates A Fresh Yet Nostalgic Country Sound

When an artist is raised on bangers across the spectrum - from Bob Seger to “Before He Cheats” - that’s how you know their music is good. Since learning the guitar at a young age and developing his musical talents in the first few months of quarantine, Cody Cozz has evolved into a prominent rising voice. Some might say it’s a little too early to make this statement, but he’s truly a force to be reckoned with in country music.

The Colorado-born artist has melded a wide variety of influences into a fresh contemporary sound. He echoes patterns commonly seen on the radio today - such as hints of 90s country and themes of life experiences - but does so in a masterful and genuine way.

His youth comprised both collegiate sports and music. While several country singers share such a background, it equips every artist for their future in unique ways. For Cozz, his musical breakthrough resulted from the significant increase in free time after his years as an athlete ended. This, along with the start of COVID lockdown, enabled him to spend more time perfecting his vocals and guitar playing. Furthermore, sports taught him a valuable work ethic which carried over well into his next chapter.

“I do notice that as a common theme, a lot of people transition from - you know, their college athletics into this business. And they typically seem to be the ones that just get after it and grind, you know? And I really do think that that's what this industry takes,” explained Cozz.

Cozz moved to Nashville with a driven mindset, ready for both the ups and downs of breaking into country music. Despite the rise of TikTok, he focused on the old-school way of growing his career: playing shows and making industry connections.

He noted that Nashville primarily served as a “business city” - with more networking and writing than performing - but the relationships formed there proved so valuable. “I've met so many incredible people that have all done the exact same thing I have. They've left their hometowns, they've left their families, they've come to achieve this dream and you know, we're all kind of helping each other get there together,” he shared. This approach gave him a genuine and loyal fanbase, and soon introduced him to a strong group of collaborators. The big names that he’s opened for, including Craig Campbell Matt Stell and Travis Denning that have mentored him and given him advice that has shaped his journey as a rising artist.

Cody Cozz With Travis Denning In Colorado

When creating music, above anything else, Cozz aims to “give something to the people that they want to listen to.” But he never loses his authenticity in the process. His last long-term relationship fuels his heartfelt delivery in several of his songs, especially “Wanna Be That Guy.” “I want to be that quality man for somebody someday,” said Cozz. “Especially getting into this career field, it's, I know it's a lot harder, gonna be a lot harder to find a quality woman or something probably.”

Innovative and driven, Cody Cozz is well on his way towards redefining modern country music. He takes trends and alters them in a way that works for him - always yielding an irresistible, one-of-a-kind finished product. We can’t wait to continue watching his star rise!


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