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ACN EXCLUSIVE: The Comancheros Honor The Possum In New Single "The Day George Jones Died"

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Anything that mentions the late great George Jones always peaks our interest.

Today southern rockers and full of country soul the Comancheros plea for The Possum to come back. Full of gritty vocals, and a sweet soulful guitar, the rising trio pays tribute to their king of country music.

The song is full of energy and offers a distinct sound reminiscent of the three piece bands own influences.

In the bridge of the song, lead vocalist Tanner Jones sings, “Some say that the King is gone/But give me one more song,” as a plea to bring George Jones back, something we all wish could happen.

The whole story is carried by a twangy guitar riff that makes any country music fan want to tap their toe. The Day George Jones Died has a little bit of everything, a relateable story, soulful vocals, damn good beat and a jam session.

Perhaps the reason listeners can truly feel the song is because the story is stripped right from the trio's own life.

“We were driving back from a gig and I got to thinking about my old Chevy truck. And there was this particular memory that stood out that day George Jones passed away. When I heard he'd passed I just got in my Chevy and drove. The truck’s old radio didn't get many channels and only had one little 6x9 speaker in the dash. But out off Highway 61 there was this spot called Spring Lake, where "Classic Country AM 1360" came in really clear. So that's where I went. And as soon as the static cleared up all you could hear was pure George Jones on repeat all day long. I just sat out there and cried. He was so important to the foundation of this band. The song wrote itself in about 15 mins. Just a true story about that day. And a bitter-sweet memory. Thank you, George. To honor him on the tenth anniversary of his death, we are releasing this song," bassist Jon Green says of the song's origin.

The Day George Jones Died is truly a barn burner and a career definer for the group. We think The Possum would be proud.


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