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ACN Premier: Jim Huddleston Leans On His Faith In New Video For "I'll Be Gone"

The Savannah, Georgia -based artist and disabled vet shares his faith on the track, “I’ll Be Gone.”

Steadfast in his roots and clinging to his faith, Jim Huddleston shares his upbeat new video for his song I'll Be Gone. Full of bluegrass appeal, with fiddle and a steady beat, Jim sings of the joys of the great beyond. Full of hope, Jim knows that his afterlife is well taken care of!

There are sometimes my soul gets weak and weary

This wicked world has been my cross to bear.

I turned my troubles over to my Saviour.

When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there

I’m goin home

I’ll soon be gone

When my journey through this pilgrim land is over

I’ll be gone.

Jim Huddleston's journey to music has been an inspiring one. Growing up in a small mobile home park in Irving, Texas, Jim was exposed to a wide variety of music through his father's involvement in local country music bands. After serving in the military and marrying his wife, Jim returned to music in 2020, determined to share his faith and experiences through his music.

Jim Huddleston's music is a reminder of the power of faith and perseverance. With his debut EP, "Gospel Outlaw," Jim hopes to spread his message of hope and inspiration to a wider audience.

Watch The Video Below


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