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ACN Premiere: Ohio Duo Eleyet McConnell Releases Video For Debut Single “Gettin’ By”

Comprised of Angie (Eleyet) McConnell and Chris McConnell,Eleyet McConnell brings a unique and refreshing sound that defies genre limitations. Their powerful lyrics and dynamic melodies are rooted in personal experiences and raw emotion, creating a relatable and compelling listening experience.

Angie McConnell, hailing from rural Ohio, was influenced by the musical traditions of her family and brings a soulful, bluesy sound to the duo. Chris McConnell, with years of experience playing bass in various bands, adds his own musical influences to create a fusion of country and rock that is truly original.

The two met in 2013 and immediately clicked musically, with their writing and chemistry only growing stronger over time. Now, married and perfectly in sync on stage, Angie and Chris are ready to share their music with the world. “Gettin’ By” is a powerful debut single that showcases the duo’s songwriting prowess and magnetic stage presence. With lyrics that speak to the human condition and a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh, Eleyet McConnell is sure to make a lasting impression on listeners.


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