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ACN Premiere: Tayler Holder Says Bye Bye To An Old Flame In Style With "'Til She's Gone"

Tayler Holder has proven he is more than just his massive social media following. The fresh new artist is blending new sonics and stories and bringing a whole new class of country fan along with him.

Premiering today exclusively with All Country News, Holder's next step in his country music anthology is clever and refreshing. 'Til She's Gone mixes the best of early 2000s classics with a smart new take on what really goes through your mind when you break up with your gal. From the first few chords, fans are invited to crank up the track and roll their windows down.

Rounding up his group of buddies, Tayler reflects on all the things that he can do now that his old flame has been put out. Between playing 18 holes, a cold 12 pack and a nice view of the lake, Holder seems to be content in his new found freedom.

"This song is about how even when you go through something as bad as a breakup it can be really good in the sense of realizing how much happier you are outside of that relationship because you didn’t realize how bad it was," Holder tells All Country News.

The tongue in cheek track features a bright melody accompanied with electric drums and perfectly placed twang. Not to mention Tayler's natural charisma oozes out of every lyric inviting fans to toe tap and sing along.

Flipping a tride and true theme in the country space offers up a new creative lane for the Alvarado, Texas native. Refusing to be put in a box, Tayler also wants to diversify his catalog sonically and lean more into the sounds that the Lonestar state is known for.

"With till she’s gone I really wanted to bring out a red dirt vibe and get moving a little more away from the pop country side of things. Andy did a great job with that and I feel like I’m really finding my sound in the country music scene."

Holder will be taking his high energy track on the road this year with fellow country singer/songwriter Matt Schuster as they embark on 13 dates with Dylan Scott. The This Town’s Been Too Good To Us Tour when it kicks off in October 12th in Knoxville, Tennessee, and wraps up in Sayreville, New Jersey, on December 2.

Offering up a more versatile take on a breakup anthem Tayler Holder holds his own and proves to nay sayers that his natural whit and charm make him one of the brightest new country music risers! Til' She's Gone not only meet the the mark it surpasses it!


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