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Adam Doleac Is Ready For Love To Last In "Don't Make Me Get Over You"

I think it is safe to say most if not all of us have been in a situationship. Today Mississippi native Adam Doleac gives us a story that is nothing short of relatable. Not to mention, in the ever evolving country music ecosystem, artists more and more are leaning into new sounds lead by their influences. Doleac's latest single Don't Make Me Get Over You is an ode to staying true to the sounds and stories that feel the most authentic.

Reminiscent of early John Mayer Don't Make Me Get Over You puts Adam's earnest creativity on full display. The drum driven bop explores the confusion that falling in and out of love can bring.

Determined to stay true to his style of country music, the track that Adam tells All Country News was written right before the pandemic of 2020 is one of his favorites.

"For a long time I felt like I had to make something that sounds just like radio. But for me, the longer I make music, the more I'm just starting to do stuff that I love and music that's really influenced by what I love. And this song is that for me," Adam says of the new track.

The immersive love story is fresh and clever. Detailing every thought that runs through your mind during the natural push and pull of a relationship, Adam's signature silky tone connects. Taking a different approach to the tried and true love song, Doleac's creative perspective to a painfully relatable situation makes him a fan favorite.

Approachable lyrics like "making coffee in your underwear, if you're just pouring up goodbye," is not only our favorite line, but also Adam's.

"Iv'e never said underwear in a song before," Adam chuckles. "I've been pleasantly surprised that our fan base has kind of been leaned into songwriting and the lyrics. Now, I'm able to kind of do things that they pay attention to, which is really fun. Now I can get a little more detailed with these songs. I love that people are taking that out of the music.

However, it is Doleac's fresh scenario that pulls us in the most. Often love songs can seem a tad rinse and repeat, yet Adam and Don't Make Me Get Over You cuts through all the noise. Instead of being sad or even mad thinking what you may have to go through to get over a heartbreak, Adam's more playful approach really speaks to his artistry. Or as Adam says it "it is a more flirty way of saying, please don't break my heart again."

Adam Doleac yet again offers a welcomed and unexpected side of country music. Steadfast in creating narratives that his fans can place themselves in, Don't Make Me Get Over You continues the Mississippi's impressive arsenal of songs.


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