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Alex Angelo's Latest Hit "Got My Number" Connects with Country Charm

Alex Angelo, the multi-talented artist and musician, has made waves once again with his latest single, "Got My Number." In this captivating country-inspired track, Alex Angelo shares a delightful story of leaving a lasting impression on a country girl by giving her his phone number. With its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and heartwarming charm, "Got My Number" is bound to win over the hearts of music enthusiasts of all ages.

Alex Angelo, known for his versatility in music, has ventured into the realm of country and pop with "Got My Number." He shared with All Country News, “I produced the record and I’m proud of the way it sounds. Country music right now is all over the place - some is more pop. Some is more classic sounding.” Alex continued, “The songwriters are so good in this town. Since being in Nashville, I have loved taking influence from all kinds of music and genres and injecting them into my own version of what my country sounds like.”

"Got My Number" boasts a chorus that's not only catchy but also resonates with the listener. The simplicity of the melody allows the song to be easily hummed and sung along to, making it a perfect addition to any playlist. Alex Angelo explained, “I wrote got my number with some very close friends that I work with a lot, McCall Chapin and Sarah Killian. The song is actually relatable to me- it’s about the challenges of meeting someone and getting them interested in what you have going on.” The upbeat tempo and rhythmic guitar chords add to the song's overall appeal. Alex’s vocals, which carry a sense of sincerity and vulnerability, complement the narrative of the song perfectly. He masterfully conveys the emotions of a fleeting connection and the excitement of leaving his number in a heartfelt way.

Alex Angelo's "Got My Number" is a testament to his musical versatility and storytelling prowess. The song captures a special moment in time, reminding us of the magic that can happen when two people cross paths. With its relatable lyrics, infectious melody, and country charm, "Got My Number" is sure to leave a lasting impression on both music enthusiasts and fans of Alex Angelo, further solidifying his place in the music industry as a dynamic and talented artist. You can stream the entire EP on all platforms.


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