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American Idol Alum HunterGirl Gifts A Song For Any Struggling Dreamer In "Ain’t About You"

American Idol alum HunterGirl, was ready to throw in the towel. With a little over seven years already under her belt in Music City and watching her love for music dwindle, the Tennessee native made one last plea with God.

David McClister

Today, that plea serves as an anthem for any struggling dreamer reminding listeners that sometimes you can't give up on your dream, because it can help others and it Ain’t About You.

" I was watching all my friends have big wins and sign deals," HunterGirl told All Country News. "It was one of those days where you're just overthinking your entire life and wondering if you're not on the right path. Especially after 2020, we were all just like, what am I doing? I had played a show that day and had another write. But when I got home I felt the pull to write another. So when I got back home and went in my bedroom and wrote this. I call this song a 45 Minute Conversation with Jesus," she continued.

It was then that his song was penned, a last ditch effort to keep a dream alive and untimely the song that kept her in Nashville. The raw track is full of chilling conviction. The striking and painfully relatable lyrics truly fall out of the Tennessee girl in the most honest and humble of ways. The track is a well needed reminder that in life and in a Ten Year Town there is a purpose to wait, even if it takes longer than you had planned.

But get this, only weeks later, HunterGirl won the hearts of America as the runner up on American Idol and signed a record deal with BBR Music Group. Scared of rejection, she kept the song close to her chest, until she finally had some liquid courage and sang it for American Idol winners Chayce Beckham and Noah Thompson at a BBQ cookout where they were passing around a guitar. It wasn’t until she heard their shocked response and fervent encouragement that she finally decided it was time to share it.

Not afraid to share her faith with her fans, HunterGirl hopes that this track resonates with anyone struggling to find their path or purpose. Throwing caution to the wind Ain't About You forced the songstress to be raw and truly where her heart on her sleeve. "Here is every insecurity I have," HunterGirl laughed and told All Country News. "I hid the song from my record label for about six months. But I am happy I was almost forced to pay it at a writers. round at the office," she continues.

What if there’s a heart who needs some hope

And finds it in the words that you almost never wrote

So before you say you’re not good enough

That all your dreams are wishing dust

You call it quits, walk away, and say you’re through

What if it ain’t about you

But here is the real kicker, HunterGirl not only helped herself heal with the track but will seemingly touch millions of others with the painfully relatable message of sometimes your dreams can also be a lifeline for others.

Country music backbone was built on accessible stories. Not only does Ain't About You reflect the ever present doubt that all dreamers feel, it provides hope in that tomorrow is better.

Effervestant, gutsy and true, HunterGirl strikes a humble chord with her audience. With a pitch of hard work and a dash of Music City magic Ain't About You not only saved her but will undoubtably save others.


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