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Anna Rose Refuses To Stand Still In Powerful New Track "Already Gone."

Anna Rose is no stranger to the art of impactful storytelling!

The self proclaimed "electric child" steps up to the plate today with her dynamic new single Already Gone off her upcoming project The Last Girl Of The Rodeo due out later this year.

Credit: Sonya Jasinski

"I don't think I could have written this song with another person in the room. It required a level of painful honesty that you can only sing about and not speak about," Rose explains. "This is a song that, in a way, unconsciously wrote itself."

The painfully relatable song paints the picture of a girl who refuses to stay in one place. The raw production lead by a soft steady drum and tender guitar aids in the powerfulness of the track. Refusing to stand "in the same place forever," Anna Rose harnesses her own power to move on.

The song was born from a swift realization from the powerhouse songstress, that life must be lived fully. “I started examining the idea of integrity—living with integrity and working with integrity,” describes Rose. “Finding where thoughts and words meet actions. I stripped back the layers of my ego which led me to a place where I could make a really truthful record, away from the paradigms that I’d been steered toward in the past.”

Anna's unique perspective and finite details come honestly, much of her young life was spent with her father Alan Menken the famous Disney composer. This combined with her own God given talents who have given her a distinctive insight into the process of storytelling. With an earnest mix of country, psychedelic 60s and a dash of Stevie Nicks, Anna Rose's innate ability to create powerful moments in real life stories is a superpower!


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