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Ashley McBryde Follows Up A Grammy Win By Releasing "Light On In The Kitchen"

On the heels of her first Grammy Awards win, and not even a year after releasing her critically acclaimed concept album Lindeville, Ashley McBryde blesses us with another one. We're not gonna lie, this one brought us to tears. In "Light On In The Kitchen," Ashley's immaculate storytelling brings us comfort and joy.

"Light On In The Kitchen" still leans into her signature approach to vivid narratives, but leans more into advice than scene-setting. A slower, rawer track than most of her recent releases, it showcases her versatility in music. With minimalistic instrumentals and production, allowing her smooth vocals to stand out, the pick-me-up song gives advice on how we should love ourselves and those around us.

Ashley's penning shows that she truly understands her audience, addressing specific insecurities that keep us from feeling confident - for example, "Your freckles make you pretty, and there's more to life than being skinny." Additionally, she read our minds when she sang "Pancakes just taste better after midnight."

Don't forget to catch her on the road - she's playing special headlining shows in her hometown for the next couple of days, as well as opening for Eric Church and Jelly Roll soon! This girl's come a long way from playing country songs in rural biker bars, and we're so proud of her.


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