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Behind the Music: Karley Scott Collins Reveals the Intimate Inspiration Behind Her Latest Single

If you haven't added to Karley Scott Collins to your playlist yet, take this as your sign.

Credit Matthew Berinato

When Karley moved to Nashville from her hometown of Lake City, Florida, she arrived armed with her words and a big batch of authenticity. The born hitmaker is not holding back with her new song Heavy Metal.

Armed with her unique approach to storytelling and a tone that can only be described as magnetic, the superstar in the making gives fans a taste of what sticking to your guns can look like. Pulling from a place in her own life, the Music City riser aims to connect with fans with her prolific new track.

Inspired by a vulnerable FaceTime with a friend, Karley narrates the heartbreaking story of watching her friend's marriage crumble. Highlighted by a haunting narrative and Scott Collin's intoxicating tone, the track pulls fans into the whirlwind storyline. From note to note Karley's voice evokes the pain of her friend and the pain she feels herself watching it all play out. Plus lets not forget the clever hook that personifies the weight a tough relationship can bear.

She’s lying to herself

Saying she’s fine

But she’s crying on the bathroom floor

That rock on her left hand’s weighing her down

But I guess she’ll settle

Wearing heavy metal

“‘Heavy Metal’ is absolutely the most specific and personal song I’ve written and released to this point," Karley shared in a press statement. "One Wednesday afternoon a few months ago, one of my closest friends FaceTimed me in tears, sitting in her living room with a bottle of wine because her husband had done something selfish again, and it wasn’t the first time I’d gotten that call. She married someone too young, that she didn’t know well enough yet, and she felt alone - and it was really difficult to watch someone I love feel that way.

"I absolutely believe in the sanctity of marriage and the beauty of having a true partner, but I also believe in walking away from a hurtful, unhealthy situation. I’ve seen the good side of marriage from my parents, but I’ve also seen the bad side through my friend, and some of my family, and I wanted to write about that because I think some people needed to hear that they’re not alone in what they’re going through.”

Perhaps that is the magic in the track. Between Karley's vocals that demand your attention and the tapestry of emotion woven into every note, Heavy Metal serves as a hand to hold or anyone struggling. Steadfast in creating narratives that are authentic to her, Karley Scott Collins is a country phenom on the rise and an artist you need to watch.


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