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Behind the Music: The Inspiration Behind Gary Pratt's New Single 'Before Someone Gets Hurt'

The Pennsylvania native is back with another tune worth listening to.

Country music is all about finding common ground with your fans, and in his latest single Gary Pratt delivers. “Before Someone Gets Hurt," dives deep into the agonizing decision to end a relationship and the dyad of emotions that follow. Penned by Larry McCoy, Bart Butler, and Westin Davis, perfectly narrated the love, fear, and pain that come with the life altering choice.

Pratt, who hails from the small town of Slickville, Pennsylvania, has experienced the ups and downs of relationships firsthand. He shares, “I have been in many relationships. I’ve been hurt and I’ve broken some hearts. We all tend to paint a perfect picture of ourselves when we start into a relationship, but when the true people emerge, it just doesn’t work out. There is always one person out of the two who hurts much more than the other.”

Injecting his own personal experiences into each lyric, Pratt’s emotional and heartfelt vocals bring the lyrics of “Before Someone Gets Hurt” to life. The song is a reminder that sometimes it’s better to end a relationship before more pain is inflicted.

Pratt’s music has been gaining recognition throughout the country music industry. He has over 500K streams on Spotify, multiple iTunes Top 10 singles, and a chart-topping National Radio Hits single. He has also won several awards, including the International Singer Songwriter Awards in 2021 and Independent Music Network Awards in 2023.

With his powerful vocals and earnest lyrics, Gary Pratt continues to captivate audiences with his heartfelt storytelling and energetic performances. “Before Someone Gets Hurt” is just another example of his talent and passion for creating meaningful country music.


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