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EXCLUSIVE With Russell Dickerson: Crafting Melodies of Positivity and Family Joy

In a world often clouded with uncertainty, where the headlines scream negativity and chaos, there’s a soothing voice cutting through the noise—a voice that echoes optimism, gratitude, and the simple joys of life. Russell Dickerson, the country sensation with a heart as big as his smile, doesn’t just sing songs; he weaves tales of positivity and love, inviting listeners to embrace the beauty around them.

Photo Credit: Harper Smith

All Country News sat down with Russell Dickerson to delve into the essence of his new song ,his perspective on life, fatherhood, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Finding Sunshine in Every Note

Russell Dickerson’s latest single, "Good Day To Have A Great Day," is more than just a catchy tune—it’s a mantra for living. With infectious rhythms and lyrics that radiate positivity, the song encapsulates Dickerson’s unwavering commitment to seeing the glass as always half full and his era as a dad of two. Inspired by the mantra that the superstar has adapted himself, the song may be the most authentic one to date.

"Yeah, I mean, having a "great day" mindset is pretty much my life motto. It's like I always say, it's up to you. Sure, there'll be tough days, even tragic ones, but if you really think about it, most days, like 90% of them, it's your call to wake up and make the most of it, you know? It might sound cliché, but it's true—you control your destiny, your attitude. Even with kids, you know, they might wake you up at 5:30 in the morning. Instead of groaning, you can think, "Hey, I've got an early start, I can get some things done," you know, spin it positively. That's how I approach each day, each situation. I'm always asking myself, "What can I learn from this," Dickerson laughed.

The song resonates deeply with audiences, striking a chord in hearts yearning for a ray of sunshine amidst life’s storms. It’s a testament to Dickerson’s ability to not only entertain but also uplift and inspire. Penned by a powerhouse collaboration comprising Russell Dickerson, Jesse Frasure, Justin Tranter, and Eren Cannata, the latest upbeat offering resonates with the infectious zest for life that defines Dickerson's musical journey. The release of this uplifting anthem follows hot on the heels of Dickerson's fifth career No. One hit, "God Gave Me A Girl," solidifying his status as a chart-topping sensation. And with an impressive tally of 3 billion streams to his name, Dickerson continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his infectious melodies and radiant optimism.

Fatherhood: The Ultimate Inspiration

Beyond the stage lights and the whirlwind of the music industry, Russell Dickerson finds his greatest joy in the role of fatherhood. With a family of four, including his wife Kailey and their two adorable children, Dickerson cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones. Not to mention, his first born Remington has a say in what songs Russell ends up putting out.

"Honestly, Remington is like my top A&R guy. He's just three and a half, and whenever we're in the car, it's all about playing demos and new tracks. It's fascinating to see which ones stick with him. Like, when we're at the playground, and he's humming these tunes, it hits me— if a toddler can groove to it, maybe it's got universal appeal. So yeah, I pay attention. He's already a fan of "Big Wheels," a track from my last album. Whatever songs just get stuck in his head, I need to cut that one."

Russell also shared with All Country News that for him, the epitome of a good day begins with his boys, followed by a visit to the iconic southern institution, Waffle House. Reflecting on this cherished ritual, Russell remarked, "We love waking up early and going just the three of us. Never a dull moment there."

Staying Authentic in a World of Noise

In an industry often characterized by trends and fleeting fads, Russell Dickerson remains steadfast in his commitment to authenticity. From his heartfelt lyrics to his infectious melodies, every aspect of his music reflects his genuine personality and values.

"Honestly, there were meetings discussing that just yesterday. They were saying, you know, about Russell, that he's a bit quirky, and it's time for him to level up. And I'm like, you know what? I'm already at the max level. I'm not going to play this "cool guy" act. I can't stand it when people try to act like they're so cool just because they're country artists. I'm like, okay, I'm a country artist too, so let's be real, let's have some fun, let's show some personality, let's have some pizzazz. I'd rather stay true to who I am than put on some fake persona."

In a culture inundated with superficiality, Dickerson’s unwavering authenticity serves as artist reminding us to embrace our quirks and imperfections and celebrate the beauty of our uniqueness and let us create our own RD Party.

Embracing the "Glass Half Full" Mindset

Dickerson's music isn't just about melodies and harmonies; it's a celebration of life's brighter side. His "glass half full" attitude is evident in every lyric and every note, reminding listeners to find joy even in the simplest of moments. "Good Day To Have A Great Day" is a testament to this philosophy, serving as a reminder to embrace each day with enthusiasm and positivity.

"Honestly, it's just day by day," Russell shared with us. "Like every day, you wake up, and, you know, you can get stressed out. You can get worn thin. Even today, I looked at my calendar, it's just packed from morning till 9 pm tonight. And I'm like, okay, I can either be stressed out and constantly rushing, or I can approach it differently. Instead of worrying over what's ahead, why not treat each day as if it's wide open? I'll show up, do my thing, without the burden of worrying about what's next, because really, what else can you do? So, I've decided, I'm done. I'm done letting the busyness of life overwhelm me, because honestly, that's how most of my days feel. So, from now on, I'm going to live every day as if it's an empty calendar.

Photo Credit: Harper Smith

As our conversation draws to a close, it was hard not to be struck by Russell Dickerson’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering optimism. In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, he reminds us to pause, take a deep breath, and find beauty in the ordinary. With his music as our soundtrack and his words as our guide, we’re inspired to embrace each day with gratitude and joy, knowing that no matter what challenges lie ahead, there’s always a reason to smile.

Russell Dickerson isn’t just a country artist—he’s a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in our darkest moments, the light of positivity shines through, illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow. It’s nearly impossible not to smile when you’re listening to this song or simply in conversation with country music’s king of optimism. So let’s raise a glass (half full, of course) to Russell Dickerson, the troubadour of happiness, and may his melodies continue to fill our hearts with joy for years to come.


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