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Boy Named Banjo Pumps Up The Energy In New Bright Single "Whiskey Dreams"

We have all been there. Finding ourselves daydreaming as if our jobs, money and problems just poof disappear. Country music group Boy Named Banjo puts all those feels into a fresh take on country music with their new single Whiskey Dreams, out today.

The story is an easy one to relate to, friends consumed by wanderlust dreaming of what could be. Boy Named Banjo has crafted a sound that incorporates an energetic blend of country, bluegrass, alt-rock, and folk-pop telling their stories through an honest, emotional, roots-driven perspective, and Whiskey Dreams is the perfect song to show off their chops.

The tune was written by band members William Reames, Barton Davies alongside good friend Angelo Petraglia, and produced by Oscar Charles, and offers a fresh perspective.

"I think everyone was immediately fired up at the prospect of this one because, we recorded it during the pandemic and been off the road for so long," Barton told All Country News. "We were just itching to feel that energy."

The song's high energy and bright spirt is truly infectious. "The brightness is kind of the sentiment of the song. The song's spirit is all about having fun and not worrying about all the stuff that's bogging you down and just to have a good time," William laughs.

The chemistry that the five piece band shares shines through the entire song and climaxes during what we like to call a jam break filled with some slick guitar tricks thanks to the bands guitar player Willard Logan.

"When we were laying the song down we were looking for a place that Willard could shine. We are always looking for a spot for him to really like shine and let loose. Plus it was an opportunity while we were having a bunch of fun to try to slide a little bit of a jam in the middle of the song instead of having a true bride," William told us.

"It was kind of the first time we had, we had done that too, which was fun. We've we've never had like an extended jam section in a song unless you go like way back in our catalog to the early years," Barton adds.

The song's vivid spirit and dreamy lyrics allow Boy Named Banjo to truly show their range as a group. The song truly just makes you want to get up and dance with your hands in the air.

Whiskey Dreams is a true testament to the power of what a five piece band in country music can offer, a sharp reminder that country music should be fun for you and your fans.

Boy Named Banjo spent 2022 on the road playing some of country music’s largest festivals including Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks and Country Jam, Kip Moore’s Fire on Wheels Tour, they made their CMA Fest debut playing at the Ascend Amphitheatre Nighttime Concert, and played a sold-out hometown show at Nashville’s Brooklyn Bowl. The band most recently released the tracks “Heart In Motion” and “Heart Attack,” and is currently prepping its next project to be released in spring of this year. The guys will also be stepping on Nashville's biggest stage at The Opry on March 21st.


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