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Brandon Davis Channels His Country Music Heros In New Tune "Jesus And Jesse James" Off Upcoming EP

Growing up in Chattanooga Tenessee Brandon Davis was a product of a musical family. Hearing country greats like Johnny, Merle and Waylon it is so surprise that Davis's new single out today honors his heroes in style and sound.

"The song gets your attention," Davis tells All Country News. "I actually first heard the song during a songwriting compilation I was in. My buddy Peter Daniel Newman brought me this song and it caught my ear immediately."

The gritty outlaw tune fits Brandon's down-home twang to a tee. From the first note, fans get a taste of what is to come both lyrically and sonically. The whiskey soaked toe tapper tells the tale of a man balancing his outlaw side and being ok with the man upstairs.

My dad used to play at the Rock and Country Club here in Chattanooga and Governor's Lounge. Every time he would break out a Merl Haggard song or he'd break out a George Jones song, he would start to really embody those artists that I grew up listening to and he grew up listening to. I could feel the music."

When we asked Brandon if this song was about himself he chuckled and told us " I am more goofy dad than straight up outlaw."

Jesus and Jesse James serves as the title track off his upcoming EP due out April 28th. But this proud dad of four is making sure that his family is as involve with the new project as he is.

"I was driving my kids to school, and my two boys Granger and Easton started singing Jesus and Jesse James out of nowhere. To me, that is the most heartwarming thing in the world."

Brandon's real life authenticity bleeds over into his music, and is clearly why his social media following as skyrocketed over the past 18 months. Allowing his fans to be apart of his everyday life, balancing kids and music lets fans learn to love Davis even more, and thanks to the spontaneity of everyday life may even spark a song.

"Whiskey Colored Glasses off the new project was actually because my wife had me sing of of those world association games I play a lot on my socials. From that, I knew I had to finish the song and it fits in perfectly with the feel of the new project."

Leaning into the music that he grew up on and enjoys making, Davis knew that the eight songs in this new EP truly represents him as an artist.

"This is me carrying the storytelling aspect to some new avenues that we may not have necessarily explored before with any of the music we've previously put out. I hope this gives country music fans a chance to find a new song to connect with that might be their story or might just be the way they're feeling at that moment. Because that's what this music is about."

Brandon's natural knack for powerfully storytelling and signature twang make Jesus and Jesse James the perfect song for Davis.


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