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Breaking Boundaries: ERNEST's 'Kiss of Death' Sets Tone for Hitmakers Creative Future

The country music hitmaker is stepping into a new musical era with the high octane track.

Photo Credit: Delaney Royer

Unconventional, unpredictable and inventive, country music hitmaker ERNEST if gifting fans a toe tapping new tune with Kiss Of Death. Penned by ERNEST, Andy Albert, and Ryan Vojtesak, the infectious new tune features the stylistic songwriting his fans have come to love, but with a sonic twist. Stylistically provocative, fans ears will instantly perk up between the intoxicating guitar riff, pedal steel, and banjo that weave in and out of the chorus. Highlighted by the Nashville's native southern tenor and driven by lust ERN grapples with the fact that his love of choice may be the end of him. Willing to take his chances after being lured in by a girl in red, ERNEST gives in.

‘Cause I feel like dancing with the devil Take my heart and rip it out my chest When I’m with you I’m good as gone girl My angel in a fire red dress My kiss of death Kiss me, kill me

“I'm digging deeper into some of the stuff I was cutting my teeth on as a real young kid with a banjo and a dream,” ERNEST shared in a press statement. “The folk / bluegrass influences that I absorbed from such a young age…. I've been playing 'Kiss Of Death' and some other new ones on the road already, and seeing our crowd's reactions to the new music is priceless.”

Bringing the new music straight to the stage on his fall This Fire Tour, ERNEST continues to bring his headline show to cities nationwide through November with Jake Worthington and Cody Lohden.

Steadfast in creating a sonic identity that is all his own, ERNEST showcases how dynamic is truly is. In just under three minuets, the Tennessee native is able to paint a vivid picture of fast paced love. A throughly engaging listen, ERNEST once again proves why he is one of todays most prolific Music City talents.


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