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Brenda Cay's "Do or Die" Speaks To The Dreamer In All Of Us

Brenda Cay has always had a passion for writing songs.

Via The Artist

The CPA turned singer/songwriter latest track Do or Die tells the story of a young girl chasing a non traditional dream. The tender track narrates a young girl named Juliet's road to rodeo acclaim from the eyes of her nervous mother. Do or Die serves as a love letter to anyone watching a loved one chase their dreams!

“I like writing songs that inspire others and even though this song is not about me,” Brenda tells All Country News, “I can relate. I’d like to think that I chase my dream of having a music career with the same passion and commitment that Juliet, the character in the song, chases her dream of being a bull rider!”

Brenda's thoughtfulness oozes out of every lyric. Do or Die truly showcases what Brenda has to offer!


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