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Brett Kissel Gives Fans A Taste Of A More Personal Side In His New "East Album"

Sometimes your creativity cant't be contained into a traditional 12 song project. Well Canadian country star Brett Kissel seems to agree. Today the CCMA winner and self proclaimed "country music entrepreneur" released his East Album as a part of his four part Compass Project.

The ten song project is one of self reflection and honors the slower parts of life. "I felt that this was kind of a very entrepreneurial thought to do something so different from what everybody else is doing in country music right now. Even though bigger albums are coming out, to actually categorize the genre or the sub subgenre of country music and really not just double down," Brett told All Country News.

It is this kind of care that is woven into every track. Right off the bat you know that this collection of songs is special. The lead single Spend A Little Time With You offers listeners a softer and more raw side of country music. The sweet love tune is airy and bright and makes you want to fall in love.

"This is the most intentional and out there granola approach that you could ever have to making a record," Brett told ACN. The tender approach to this project shows and allows listeners to truly do a deep dive and feel the peace that each song can bring.

Lets not forget the strong storytelling that East Album brings. Uniquely creative, Brett stretches to every end of his imagination to create a collection of songs that has something for everyone.

Ten Years From Now is a standout in the project. "I wrote that song with one of my songwriting heroes, Steve Fox. I met my wife when I was 17 years old, and always thought about what my life would be like 10 years from our first date. Steve and I wrote that song and every lyric was exactly true to who I was and what I was doing at that time. Now all this time later, it brings a new meaning."

However, the true standout track comes at the very end. Sanctuary feature's Brett's favorite muse, his wife Cecilia. The steady drum beat carries listeners through an angelic story of reflection. The blend of the Brett and Cecilla's voices makes the hair on arms stand up. Clearly these two creatives are soulmates. The song's origin is thanks to a trip to Mexico and Brett's realization that his wife has the inept ability to create a calm landing pad where ever she goes, even in the chaos of a family vacation. Sanctuary shows off this tunesmith's creative edge, that everything can become a song with the right amount of care.

Brett Kissel casts a wide net with this album. Allowing fans to step into his world of country music. The project offers fans a safe spot to reflect and just enjoy a good creative process. Brett Kissel is a modern day country music renaissance man, not afraid to dive deeper into what it means to be a country artist and East Album is proof that care and creativity go along way!


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