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Brett Landin Documents Life's Journeys In Debut EP "Who Knew"

The phrase "who knew" is applicable for many of life moments. But for Dallas based singer/songwriter Brett Landin, that simple phrase means a little bit more!

Today the songstress captures the venerability of being a musician in her five track debut EP Who Knew. Mixing stories of lessoned learned, heartache and growth, Landin showcases her range in sonics and stories in a tender yet sturdy approach.

Each song was carefully crafted with Brett's own journey in mind, including the lead track Ain't Nothing You Can Say. With a subtle twang with the aura of West Texas, Brett's angelic tone dives into the despair and hardships a failing relationship can emote. The raw production aids in the somber feeling that Brett delivers so beautifully.

Switching gears a tad the piano driven Falling Fast delivers a stark comparison to a view of love. Landin's silky smooth voice narrates a tale of falling head over heels even if it timing seems a bit too quick. "Falling fast and not afraid to fall apart," she sings with a dash of bliss and a heap of hope. Not to mention the unique production allows fans to dive deeper into the songstress's impressive dynamics.

"The record is a piece of my journey that I am beyond grateful to share with all of y’all. It is about the moments in life we never anticipated would happen, the good and the bad. Heartbreak, old love that’s run it’s course, true love and new beginnings. All of these moments in our lives we could have never known would happen as they did, but they have led us to be here together. To cry, to laugh and to sing together. I hope this record meets you where you are at in your journey, as each of these songs did for me on mine," Brett tells All Country News.

Feverishly clever, Brett's homegrown journey trudges on in the haunting More Than One Way to Cheat. The unique spin on a classic cheating song is not only painfully relatable but offers up new way to tale a timeless tale. Fueled by the fact that her lover is "looking at her at a way you've never looked at me," advances the story along and allows her fans to put themselves in the messy love triangle.

Whimsical and bright, Small Town Girl speaks to the humbleness is a country kind of love. Being with a girl that will "shoot you straight," seems to be Brett's last ditch effort in hopes that her love with forget the calling of bright city lights in the big city. Listing off quintessential images of humble living, Landin reminds him of what he could be leaving behind.

Then we reach the title track. Rounding out an idyllic project Who Knew encapsulates the ups and downs that trips around the sun bring each one of us. Through each line, each verse, each chorus, she invites us to share in her personal journey through raw lyrics that resonate through her smoky vocals.

When speaking of the project, Brett's appreciation of her team speaks volumes.

"The recording process for this EP was absolutely incredible. This is my debut EP and was the first time I recorded music that, months prior, were pages in my notebook. I couldn’t have asked for a more empowering and inspiring group of creatives to bring this collection of songs to life. This EP is special and I believe so much of that comes from the fact every person who worked on it is an incredibly special person. I have grown so much learning from and working with everyone on my team and I cannot wait for what we made to be shared with everyone! It is a surreal feeling that now, in 2023 about a year after recording the tracks- that we are here putting it out!"

From pages in a notebook to fruition, Brett Landin's debut EP is a labor of love. Full of stories that are powerful yet personable, Brett Landin's future is bright, Who Knew all this could happen.


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