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Brittany Kennell Communicates A Bold, Feminist Statement in "House & A Dog"

One week into Women's History Month, Brittany Kennell has dropped the perfect anthem for us to celebrate our independence. In "House & A Dog," she makes a bold proclamation, resolving to prioritize her personal goals rather than conform to society's expectations of women.

Kennell's upbringing factored heavily into the inspiration for the song. "My mother jeopardized her own career to raise us. And, at a young age she instilled in me how important it is to follow my dreams first, so that I have that always have that for my self."

Anyone who's sick and tired of the infamous, outdated question - "So when are you going to get married and have kids?" - will identify with the lyrics of "House & A Dog." The song's traditional yet poignant guitar instrumentals, powerful penning, and unapologetic tone render it a true masterpiece.

"For women in our 30’s, it’s a common thought and stereotype that by this age we should be settled down," shared Kennell. "However, I know for myself, and maybe some other women can relate, that I have a few more dreams to check off the list before that chapter - if that happens at all, either way is okay!"

We love the way that this rising star enveloped a feminist message in bluegrass-influenced production. By musically echoing her mother's advice, Kennell's narrative resonates with and inspires women everywhere.


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