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Carly Pearce Connects With Fans In A Special Way With Her Song "Show Me Around"

Updated: May 29, 2023

Two fans got a sweet surprise from Carly that didn't leave a dry eye.

Performing at a concert, Carly had noticed a sign that was being held up by two of her fans, Lesley and Allyssa. These women had lost both of their parents and held up a sign with a picture of them that said, "Can't wait for them to show me around." In this moment, Carley decided to forget everything she had planned, and changed her set list around, so she could perform her song Show Me Around for these two.

Carly wrote this song for her late producer Busbee who died of terminal brain cancer in 2019. Busbee wasn't just a music producer, he was a part of Carly's family. He had been with her since she produced her first album Every Little Thing and had been encouraging her with every step of her music journey.

Some of Carly's previous albums and songs had more of a "pop-country" influence, due to Busbee's pop background. After his passing, Carley returned to her roots and found a new sound for her music, that is more of a 1990's style. Busbee's passing really impacted her, but also helped her to fall in love again with the music that inspired her in the first place.

There are people who leave handprints on your heart and permanent smile lines on your face, and Busbee has forever left his impression on Carly. Now, Carly is leaving permanent impressions on her fans too.

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