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Catchy Tunes and Insightful Lyrics: A Grant Gilbert's Latest EP 'Between The Highways' Makes A Mark

The Texas native brings vibrant stories to life in new EP!

EP Cover Provided

With a powerful yet personal Texas tenor, country riser Grant Gilbert shows off his dynamic creativity in his latest EP Between The Highways. The EP makes home to fan favorites like God And Everybody, What’s Stopping Us, among others. Not to mention his first Number One at Texas regional radio with his single “Six Pack State of Mind” featuring Josh Abbott, also is a welcomed track on the project.

The dynamic collection of songs also featured two new tracks that showcase the Texas's vivid creativity. Penned by Gilbert, Jordan Walker, Rob Pennington, Promise You Me offers up an introspective look at man who is aiming to give his gal the world. A unique take on a timeless love anthem narrates the story of hardworking man grappling with the fact that his love may be all he has to offer. Through the bright melody of the chorus Grant lays his heart all out on the line, hoping that at the end of the day his love is better than a mansion in the trees.

The perviously released Turn It Down adds a sense of depth to the EP, not to mention hitmaker Lainey Wilson is a writer on the steamy track. From the first whiskey soaked chord fans know that Texas hitmaker Grant Gilbert has them in for a treat! Turn It Down is a country love track on steroids! The sensual song checks all the boxes that we all feel during a relationship. Touching on longing, struggle and desire the song's craveable quality is evident.

While the lyrics are innovative and offer up a different POV to your classic love tune, it is Gilbert's vocals that really shine! Steeped in country music nostalgia, Grant's tone gives fans a peek into his range and what is to come.

“All the bitchin and complainin’/Just up and goes away when

We’re shaking the foundation of this house

So lay that lovin’ on me /You always know the right thing/

To turn a hell of a bad day around /When it comes to your love baby I can’t

Turn it down”

Sonicly provocative the high octane Ain’t From It is an anthem for the small towners! Rattling off things that small towns special and relishing in the fact that city lights can’t touch it, Grant finds common ground with his fans. The bright guitar riffs matched with grants subtle twang make this the anthem for dirt road nights. The video accompanying the song was filmed in Gilbert’s hometown of Santo, Texas, putting him where he feels most authentically himself.

“I have been working super hard writing these songs and it has been really rewarding to hit the road and see fans show up in venues, singing the words to the songs from this project that have already been released,” says Gilbert. “This has been a great year for me and I can’t wait to build on these songs. I hope people love them as much as I do," Grant said in a press release.

Flexing his creative muscles, each song off the project offers a peak inside the mind of one of today's most prolific rising tunesmiths. Through story and sound, fans can find a sense of hope, love or pride in any of the eight tracks. A born hitmaker, Grant Gilbert is a star in the making.


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