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Catie Offerman Sings Of The Afterburn Of A Breakup In "I Just Killed A Man"

One of the best things about country music, is that you can never tell what a song may bring just by the title. Texas songstress Catie Offerman's latest single I Just Killed A Man is the perfect example!

Heartbreak can often be an overused and mundane topic is country music, yet Offerman with the help of Ryan Beavers, Joe Clemmons, Benjy Davis and Jessie Jo Dillon a modern day classic is made. I Just Killed A Man perfectly personifies what heartbreak can look like. The song takes us on a painfully relatable journey of feeling like you just wrecked your partners world with a goodbye and a long drive back down the driveway.

Catie's angelic twang backed by raw production makes Offerman a standout creative in a crowded Nashville space.

“No one’s ever said it like that before. It’s a different and brutally honest way of saying ‘I just broke this dude’s heart,’” says Offerman. “It’s about a guy I loved who I wasn’t meant to be with.

“I love the line in the bridge that says, ‘just because it ain’t a crime, don’t mean I won’t be doing time.’ Even if you’re the one doing the breaking up, it still kills you like nothing else. I knew from the first second this song was spoken into existence that it was something special. My hope is that others feel that when they hear it.”

And hear it we did. The simple yet effective storyline paints the most perfect picture allowing listeners to put themselves in the story. Isn't that all why we love country music. I Just Killed A Man is truly a masterclass in songwriting from the female perspective.


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