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Chancey Williams Is Ready To Hang Up His Saddle In The Name Of Love In His New Tack "A Cowboy Who Would"

Country music has always been the storyteller of real-life experiences and emotions, and Chancey Williams' song A Cowboy Who Would is the perfect fiddle filled love song.

Photo by Kaiser Cunningham.

Cowboys are known for their tough exteriors and runaway type of love, but some have a soft side. Today, real life cowboy and singer/songwriter Chancey Williams offers up his latest track "A Cowboy Who Would", a whirlwind love story highlighted by Williams' twang filled tenor.

"I can't wait for everyone to hear 'A Cowboy Who Would.' This is my first release with my friend Brice Long as producer. It's also the first single we have ever really pushed out to radio and I'm told it is already being added by more than 150 stations around the country," Williams told All Country News. "Super stoked about that. I think our fan base will love it and I bet we find new fans with it, too."

Running all out of reasons to run, Chancy gives in to the whirlwind love in front of him.  Williams captures the essence of a love struck cowboy who in the past has been hard to crack. Highlighted by traditional interments and a steady beat, the evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional renaissance as he realizes that his ole heart maybe isn't as cold as it once was.

The charm of A Cowboy Who Would lie in its relatable and vivid lyrics as it weaves in and out of the mind of this love struck cowboy. Arguably, there’s no one better to tell stories about horses than a former Saddle Bronc athlete himself. Chancey Williams, influenced by his upbringing in the Wyoming countryside, allows these experiences to translate into song lyrics. With a touch of 90's honky-tonk, Williams truly has found his niche.


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