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Chayce Beckham Chats Writing With Stephen Wilson Jr. For Catchy New Single "This Ol' Rodeo"

"When you get in a room with Stephen, you know magic is going to happen"

Chayce Beckham has had quite the 2023. Between his breakout hit 23 climbing the charts and racking up crazy streaming numbers, the American idol alum has a lot to be excited about. The country crooner is ending this year with a song that he says feel the most authentic to him! Leaning into his love of more western sounds, This Ol' Rodeo will be a career defining track for the California native.

Co-written with breakout star Stephen Wilson Jr, the song is full of western appeal, and an intoxicating fiddle thanks to the iconic Rob McNally. With his signature gritty rasp that his fans love, Chase tales the timeless story of a girl falling for a boy's vagabond ways. Ready to let his walls down, Beckham learns that maybe his wild ways despite his warning have allowed him to find love.

This ol' rodeo

You'd have to be a fool

To take a chance on a chance-taker

Dancin' with the bulls

Well it's a crazy dangerous game

You can't say you ain't been warned

It ain't the roses, it's the thorns, dear

And they grow on steer's horns yeah

And this ol' rodeo

Like most hit songs, the idea for the toe tapper sparked from a catch up conversation between Wilson Jr. and Chayce. "We were just catching up. Talking about life and touring," Chayce told All Country News. "We ended up talking about a friend of mine growing up who was involved in rodeos. We were laughing about how someone could love something so dangerous and expensive. We started finding how that even relates to our lives and the craziness of our lifestyles."

This Ol' Rodeo adds some depth and diversity to Beckham's already impressive discography. Perhaps that is the magic of this new track, Chayce is able to inject his own story into a universal track. Dedicated to his craft, the Golden State native is nothing short of golden. Demanding attention with his insatiable creativity, Chayce Beckham is unafraid to share his authentic self with fans and lean on others for support. Humble and true, Beckham is one of those born hitmakers who is taking on the Music City mountain one hit song at a time.


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