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Chris Lane Brings A Fresh Musical Narrative in His Latest EP 'From Where I'm Sippin'

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The country music hitmaker is reinvigorated with a new label home and fresh new EP.

photo credit: Robby Klein

With three number one songs under his belt, Chris Lane continues his tradition of delivering universal and approachable tracks in his new EP From Where I'm Sippin' The bright EP features stories of growth, love and heartache all narrated by Lane's signature pop-country tenor. The multi-platinum star co-wrote four of five tracks, taking to Instagram to share, "In this EP, you’ll hear songs about breakups, new perspectives and ultimately being grateful for what you have right where you’re at. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!”

Kicking off the project is the feverishly clever Mistake. Penned by Lane, Michael Lotten, Josh Miller the acoustic driven track takes a page out of the 90s country bag of tricks by turning the title on its head. Chris sings of the girl that will take his time and his shirt, making the title Mistake into miss take. Relishing in her smile at the door, the track serves as a love letter to the singer's forever gal.

She a little miss take all my time / A little bit of heaven on earth/ She a little miss take my last name ‘cause losing a girl like her/ Would be a mistake

The only outside cut off the project Way To Go Girl celebrates the gyspy girl with a free spirit. Relishing in the fact that his old flame is off doing big things, Chris still daydreams about the whirlwind love affair that they shared. Through a pop driven melody, Chris's raw vocals show off the dynamic artist he has become.

Vering away from the perfectly polished tracks from his early days. Betcha has a more raw edge that is craveable and approachable. Through clever word play, Chris sings of his blossoming young romance. Rattling all the things he hopes the relationship turns into Chris' signature vocal drives the fun loving feature No 1.

Betcha gonna love where the night goes / Betcha gonna two-step slide close / Singin’ into a beer bottle microphone / Come on, ya’ got me fallin’ in fast forward / Betcha look good in my Bass Pro/ Even better in my F 1 Five O / I pony up this payday bank rollI know I just met ya / ’But I betcha

photo credit: Robby Klein

The previously released Find Another Bar also finds a welcomed home on the project. Co-written by Lane, Josh Thompson, and Justin Ebach, the track captures the gut wrenching feeling of not only loosing the girl, but also now your favorite hole in the wall. Frustrated with his new found reality, Lane sings You found a new man/You found some new friends/You got a new black dress I ain’t seen you in/Got your hair cut and your nails did, yeah If looks could kill, I’d be real dead in a tender yet defeated vocal.

“I’ve been waiting on this day for a long time and excited to have the first one of many to come this year finally out!” shares Lane. “I wrote ‘Find Another Bar’ with Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach trying to find a different way to write a breakup song and I’m proud of how it turned out! I know there will be a lot of people who can relate to it," Lane reflected in a press release.

The painfully relatable track is full of neon heartbreak and a clever hook. Held together by Lane's signature tone backed by with rich guitar and the pounding beat of a heart barely holding things together. Chris's creativity and innate ability to tell a story to the fullest in on display in Find Another Bar. The song cleverly personifies defeat and heartbreak under the neon in only three minutes.

Rounding out the project is the fun loving title track From Where I'm Sippin'. A more twang forward track, Chris reflects on all the small things that matter. From the sun on his shoulders, to a cold beer, Chris raises a glass to all this blessings. Featuring a bright slide of an electric guitar, Chris invites listeners to reminisce on all the things that the good Lord has given them.

“I’m very excited for my fans to hear this new chapter of music that I’ve been working so hard on. I feel like this set of songs shows another side of me as a songwriter and I can’t wait for them to be out in the world. I hope they resonate with living and loving life as much as they do for me," Chris told All Country News of the project.

Jumping feet first into his new musical era, Chris creates a holistic album that fans will undoubtably crave. From heartache to blessings Chris's new found creative perspective is not only heartwarming but refreshing. Leaning into the stories and sound that have made him one of today's top tunesmiths, it sure looks look from where Chris is sippin'.


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