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Chris Lane's Wife, Lauren Pays Off Teacher's Amazon Wishlists "I Am Having A Proud Husband Moment"

via Chris Lane Facebook

Amazon Wishlists have been cleared all thanks to American Country singer, Chris Lane’s, wife, Lauren Lane.

"I am have a proud husband moment," Lane says in a post on his Instagram. "My wife is going to murder me for making this video because she never wants any acknowledgement." Lane goes on to tell viewers and to show gratitude and highlight his wife’s generous, selfless actions. Lauren Lane took to the Amazon Wishlists of teachers to aid in the stressful season of back to school shopping.

“Last night, I jumped into bed and was just looking over her shoulder. I saw her clearing Amazon wish lists for tons of teachers, and I just found that to be the sweetest thing in the entire world,” Chris said with a loving grin on his face!

Teachers all over America are well aware of the struggle that comes with back to school season whether that be getting back into the groove or providing basic necessities to their classrooms.

Mrs. Lane fulfilled wishes such as school supplies, books, tissues etc. It is important and vital to a child’s learning of rhythm to grow and feel inspired within a supplied environment Lauren Lane, a mother of two, understands these needs and decided to reach out to teachers cross country via Amazon Wishlists.

As a result of her kind heart, Lane inspired other artists wives like ERNEST's wife Delaney Royer to do the same.

Chris recently also made a big career move! During CMA Fest this past June, Chis announced that he had signed a new record deal with Red Street Records lead by Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus. This move marks the partnership between Red Street and Chris’ Voyager Records ushering in brand new era of music for Lane after leaving his record label Big Loud Records.


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