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Cody Hibbard Drops A Weekend Anthem With Toe Tappin' "Beer Problem"

Oklahoma native Cody Hibbard knows a thing or two about needing an ice cold beer after a long shift.

Today classic country troubadour and former blue-collar pipeline worker, connects with his working class fans in his toe tappin' new single Beer Problem. Cody empathizes with fans and the common man problem. Did your dog run off, girl leave you high and dry, or maybe your truck broke down, to Cody it sounds like a Beer Problem.

Cody Hibbard | Photo Credit: Brooke Stevens

Written by Hibbard, Alex Maxwell, Bryan Frazier, Dawson Edwards and Marc Oriet the all American track is a salute to the common man with a dash of fun. The guitar heavy honky tonk anthem backed with Hubbard's all country twang is the perfect "screw it" I need a cold one tune.

I got 24 12 oz reasons buried in some reddy ice

And an I don’t give a damn feeling

Saying I’ll get to it some other time

When I start drinking I start thinking

That as far as I can see

Yeah it sounds like a beer problem to me

"This song is more than a drinkin' song. This song represents every redneck I ever grew up with or worked with that said, ‘screw it, it'll be there tomorrow to fix,’" shares Hibbard. “It's a rocky-tonk, fun time song that is going to be perfect for summer," the crooner said in a press statement/

With clever lyrics and a fun take on a common theme, Beer Problem is a swift return to the sounds and stories that traditional country fans crave!


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