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Colbie Caillat Shares Her Journey In Latest Album "Along The Way"

Colbie Caillat is getting back to her roots. Through universal story and song, Caillat's latest thirteen track album lets listeners in on the past few years of the Grammy winners life. "For me it's been a journey and thats what life is," Colbie told All Country News in an exclusive interview.

Over thirteen introspective tracks, the Malibu native covers a gambit of topics from growth, to heartache to everything in between. Her iconic smooth vocal allows fans to step into each song and really soak up the artistry.

"Growing up in Southern California and going to Hawaii, I have always had these elements. Anything about the more organic sound and a little more mature," Colbie told All Country News.

Setting the tone for the album and pulling elements of classic country instrumentation is the breezy Wide Open. Written by Caillat, Alysa Vanderheym and Jordyn Shellhart the captivating track speaks to the dreamer in us all. In just over three minutes, the tracks reminds fans to keep and open mind and open heart. The thoughtful and soft production offers up a tranquil look at forging your own way.

"I knew 100% that I wanted Wide Open to kick off the album. It is how I feel my mindset its now over the last few years of experiencing the end of something beautiful. "Now I’m trying to live in a headspace where I’m OK with what is, what is meant for me, not forcing anything, and it’s a pretty sweet space to live."

Partnering with one of Music City's most prolific writers Liz Rose for seven of the tracks the standout has to be the introspective and forgiving Worth It. The mid tempo track explores the stage of grief lovers feel after they have accepted that while their love wasn't perfect, it was worth it. Through thoughtful storytelling, Colbie reminisces on the good that she got out of a goodbye.

"I've been writing with Liz for fifteen years, I feel so comfortable writing songs with her. I wanted to be strategic and only write when I had something to say. It took me even seven moths to want to write a song, and when I did I texted Liz. The first day we got together we wrote Worth It. It was exactly want I wanted to express about the end of this beautiful relationship. Writing is therapy in general, but writing with Liz where she has a way of putting words together."

The album also offers up three solo writes from Colbie. Blue, Two Birds and Old and New each offer up a different side of healing and growth. Proving strength in introspection Old and New is a favorite of Colbie's. Written in her home while she scanned the walls of momentos and memories, the five minute autobiographical track serves as a reminder to Colbie and all of us that sometimes there is strength in starting over.

Leaning on friends and mentors, the iconic Sheryl Crow also lends her voice in the perviously released "I'll Be Here." Echoing the theme of the album and encouraging speaking support and finding joy in celebrating the present, the duet is an uplifting one and a bucket list moment for Colbie.

" We recorded the vocals at her house," Colbie giggled. "That was a pinch me moment, not only that I have a song with Sheryl but that I am friends with her. I grew up listening to her and even got to tour with her. She is an inspiring woman. When we were on set for the I'll Be Here music video I got to ask her for alot of advice about life and love at the age I am at. She has lived it and it made me feel calm and centered."

The two angelic voices meet and the chorus, “I’m never gonna let you down, always gonna build you up / When you’re feelin’ lost, I will always find you, love / Never gonna walk away, always gonna have your back / And if nothin’ else, you can always count on that / When you need me, I will be here / I’ll be here, I’ll be here, I’ll be here.”

Magical moments weave in and out of all thirteen tracks. Colbie's approachable style of songwriting invites fans to find their own story in each song. Keeping to her sunny and optimistic roots and steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves, Along The Way serves as a love letter for anyone looking for a little inspiration.


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