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Country Music Legends Join Craig Morgan in Revitalizing His Iconic Songs In 'Enlisted'

The country music veteran is putting a twist on old classics as well as offering fans two new tracks.

Nate Griffin

Country hitmaker Craig Morgan is back with reimagined looks on fan favorites, plus he is teaming up with one of the biggest names in country music. His new EP Enlisted features famous friends Trace Adkins, Luke Combs, Gary LeVox, Jelly Roll, Blake Shelton, and Lainey Wilson.

From top to bottom the new project celebrates timeless country traditions while adding in a healthy dose of modern charm. Kicking off the project, Craig is joined by superstar Luke Combs for the blue collar anthem Raise The Bar. The swampy track is all country and full of good times. "Wearing their names on the front of their shirts," Morgan and Combs serve as the perfect storytelling yin and yang. Full of working class mystique the two hint at things that make your local dive all blue collar. Teaming up to give their local watering whole of boost of energy, the dynamic duo sets the tone for the project while staying true to their roots.

Morgan's label mate and good friend Jelly Roll joins him for the long awaited Almost Home after the duo preformed the iconic hit during an emotional Opry visit. The humble track is a well needed reminder that home is truly wear the heart is. The 2002 classic is a powerful ballad telling singer's encounter with an old, homeless man who is sleeping behind a trash can on a cold winter day. Presuming that the homeless man may be dead, the narrator wakes him, and to his surprise the man was only dreaming of home. The man tells the singer he is "almost home", and then lists off the activities that he had been doing in his dream. However the edition of Jelly's tender vocal adds an extra layer of sentiment and serves as a universal reminder that we all deserve to dream of home.

Bright a bold, Blake Shelton joins the conversation with a new take on Craig's smash hit Redneck Yaht Club. Morgan's signature vocal backed by an updated island beat makes for the perfect five o'clock anthem. The Okie joins in for the second verse lending his trademark twang. The classic story of making the most of what you got, the two icon's voices truly meld together like butter, making it a happy hour staple.

Joining forces with one of the most recognizable voices in country music Gary LeVox, the new take on What I Love About Sunday is full of magic an emotion. The updated production adds in a healthy dose of southern grove aiding in the combination of the two iconic voices. The push and pull of the two country veterans serves as a love letter to any fan who grew up loving the track and a warm welcome to new fans.

Morgan's ode to America's farmers International Harvester is full of high octane charm. Not to mention, Lainey Wilson's signature twang is the cherry on top for this new take on a Morgan classic. Rattling off the things that make up a farmers way of life, from driving their tractor on the road or being a lifetime sponsor of the FFA, the two voices offer up an ear worm you will have for days.

Rounding out the project is the new poignant track That Ain't Gonna Be Me. Narrowing in on the importance Morgan places on his convictions, the all American track is a harrowing reminder of pride. Teaming up with fellow patriot Trace Adkins, the song lists of things that the singer is proud of. From standing for our nation's anthem to standing his ground, the two vow that being proud of their freedoms is something they will never take for granted.

“This project has really been exciting," Morgan told ACN exclusively. "I was able to put a fresh spin on some hits from my catalog and doing it alongside my friends made the music feel new to me. I’m just as excited to share two brand new ones on here. I had Luke and Trace join on those and they already feel like huge hits.”

Magical moments are woven into all six of these tracks. From classic memories, moments of reflection and songs that make you want to celebrate with friends, Enlisted is a true testament to the power of camaraderie in country music. Time and time again Craig Morgan proves that is voice is country music is timeless, valuable and much needed. Banding together with some of today's most influential voices, Enlisted is one of the best projects of the year.


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