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Country Newcomer Jaylee Gandy Is Back With A Universal Tale In "Little Things"

The Texas based artist tales the universal tale realizing the moment a flame is ready to be put out.

Today, rising country songstress Jaylee Gandy is over her lovers nonsense and ready to tell the world. The feverishly clever new single Little Things narratives the whirlwind of emotions we all feel when a flame starts to fizzle. Relishing in the fact that "the fireworks they haven’t worked, cause the flame got lit but blew out first," Jaylee navigates the emotions that this humbling realization often brings.

When your arm’s around me it gets too heavy

And it's nice when you hold my hand, but yours is just a little too sweaty for me

And I know you feel it, there's no pretending

We’ve been going round and round

Just trying to find what can’t be found

It might seem like little things

But the little things are big problems to me

Highlighted by Jayee's soaring vocals and a bright melody, Little Things is the perfect song for anyone ready for a new lease on love! The clever track was penned by Jaylee alongside fellow powerhouse Sofie Lynn and produced by Grammy winning writer, producer, and film composer, Femke.

"Little Things is a really special song to me! I think it is so different from the other two songs that I have released, and I am so excited to see what all this song accomplishes in the future. This song has been so fun from the very beginning! From co-writing the song with Sofie Lynn to recording the song with my producer Femke in Nashville, to its release! It has brought me so much sense of accomplishment seeing how many people love this song already!! I’m in love with the upbeat tempo, and just can’t wait for everyone to hear Little Things. I hope everyone who listens enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing and recording this song!"

Jaylee's ability to tell a story with universal appeal in just over three minutes in an impressive feat for this young talent. Jaylee continues to find success at Texas Country Radio with “Little Things” being her third song to premiere on 96.3 KLLL in Lubbock, Texas. West Texas radio listeners familiar with “Hand Me Downs” and “Down The Road” will love this new song just as much if not more than the first two.


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